Seamless Checkout Solution
Poko is a Y Combinator and VC-backed startup enabling a frictionless Direct Checkout Solution for games, wallets and marketplaces. We are preparing for a launch of our Direct Checkout product in April 2023 and are in the process of revamping our website. If you are interested in our products, please contact us here:
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100+ Payment Methods

Onboard users anywhere
Provide 120+ local payment options to your users in US, Europe, SEA, LATAM and other regions
Deploy in minutes
Save significant engineering cost and time with Poko's single integration for multiple onramps
Headache-free compliance
Our onramp partners take care of compliance, fraud detection and chargebacks so you don't have to
Did you know that
of transactions fail when using major onramp providers across key crypto markets
Leading to
Significant loss of 2B+ potential users in
LATAM, SEA & India
Increase by
onramp success rates
How It Works
We provide global game studios and wallets with web and mobile SDKs and a no code checkout solution to help them receive payments from their gamers, customers and fans from 120+ countries through local payment methods
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