Direct Checkout for Smart Contracts
Frictionless purchasing of digital goods
Poko’s Direct Checkout bridges popular local payment methods into your smart contract. Allow users to pay for your web3 products in one click. Increase paid user conversions and acquisitions now!
Buying in web3 is complex
Web2 has billions of users. Web3 has millions. Offer local payment methods to increase adoption significantly for both crypto-natives and newbies!
Seamless checkout for 79% more purchases
Poko’s Direct Checkout makes purchasing web3 products simple. Enable users to buy NFTs, use DeFi functions, or purchase digital goods with local payment methods or cards with one click.
Benefits of Direct Checkout
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Seamless web2 experience for web3
Say goodbye to complex payment processes for NFT purchasing and DeFi engagement flows. Enable users to pay into your smart contract natively with their local currency with a one-click process and high success rates.
Payment processing rates as low as 2.1% 
Fiat-to-crypto onramping costs your users up to 10% in fees. Savings for your users means more revenue for you.
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No KYC for zero friction
Stop losing your customers to lengthy and slow KYC processes. Have them buy services or digital goods like they would anything else online!
No minimum purchase, no problem
Enable your users to buy a digital good for what it costs, not what your fiat-to-crypto onramp requires them to buy.
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Key Use Cases

NFT Marketplaces

Enable your buyers to pay in fiat and receive NFTs.

DeFi Protocols

Users with no crypto on hand? Allow them to stake directly with local payments.

Web3 Games/dApps

Let users purchase NFTs and in-game items seamlessly.


Enable wallet users to purchase NFTs with local payments and earn transaction fees.
Make buying simple in web3.
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