How To Acquire More Gamers For Blockchain Games

December 6, 2022


Some Play-To-Earn (P2E) games are more popular than others. And gameplays, graphics, and earning potential are not the only factors contributing to their success. Building a successful web3 game requires building an engaging community to support these games. We look at how some games build great communities in their pre-launch and post-launch phases.

Acquiring gamers before launch

Most gaming studios feel the need to gain public attention during their pre-launch stage. But gaining attention for a new game launch is expensive and difficult. This is because gamers are spending more time researching games before deciding if they will spend time and money on the games. 

Growing a small community of early adopters is the traditional games’ approach to addressing this dilemma, especially when the games have not been launched yet. Similar to the case of web3 games, studies have shown that only 12% of non-crypto gamers have tried Web3 games. As such, most web3 game studios still focus on a crypto-proficient audience.

According to the categorisation of gamer personalities, the Ultimate Gamers or the All-Round Enthusiast Gamers are most likely to benefit games during this stage. The Ultimate Gamers are gamers that get involved in all kinds of games and gaming platforms; frequently watch video game content; socialise with other gamers, and are most likely to invest in the latest games. The All Round Enthusiasts are those with a serious interest in playing, although not as dedicated as the Ultimate gamers. For them, paying for games is not a problem at all. The two gamer personas are most likely male (around 70%) and are about 28 years old.

Acquiring gamers after launch

Once a game is launched, it ought to constantly add new value to players, while simultaneously bringing in revenue to sustain its growth. And unlike advertising-heavy P2E models, most blockchain games monetise from selling NFTs and in-game tokens.

Considering that the games have proven their value to a group of web3 gamers, they need to attract traditional gamers. Game studios should prioritise the development of more interesting gameplay. This can be achieved through collaborating with gaming influencers as they are the ones to lead gaming categories and drive viewership to games. Web3 might be the future of gaming, but it will never become mainstream if not adopted by billions of traditional gamers. You can learn more about the significant onramping obstacles gamers face in blockchain games from our previous blog post.

Post-launch, you will see other gamer profiles emerge.

1. Community Gamers (or The Bargain Buyers)

Community Gamers are those who actively engage in community discussions and talk about the latest gaming news and events. They can help to spread the news of your game through word of mouth (or Discord). Thus, they could also be a valuable source of reviews for the developers to make improvements to games. Nearly two out of three chances are that the players from this group are males around 27 years old. 

2. Mainstream Gamers 

Once the community has grown big enough, a game can extend its strategy to be more inclusive for Mainstream Gamers. Since this group makes up 23% of game enthusiasts, they are the largest audience for any game. These gamers’ in-game spending is relatively low; however, the sheer number of gamers in this category can help drive more attention to the games. Thus, if you do it right, they can help bring in even more valuable gamers for the game, such as the Ultimate Gamers or the All-Round Enthusiasts.


Web3 games and its model are introducing new approaches to gaming. But let’s remember that games' main attraction is entertainment value, which is what attracts non-crypto-native gamers. This is why building an easy on-ramping flow can be the recipe to successfully onboard the next 2B players to GameFi. 

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